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What is a Vogl Pfeiferl?

The Vogl Pfeiferl is a small musical instrument perfect for imitating birds and other animals. You can find it at fun fairs and on stage played by professional musicians. It is used by hunters for decoying animals.

The Vogl Pfeiferl consists of a semicircular paperboard (diameter approx. 2 cm) with a toothed edge. The membrane is held by a ring of stainless steel.


Put the Vogl Pfeiferl with the semicircular edge first on the front part of your tongue. The membrane should show to your teeth. After about 2 minutes the paperboard should be well soaked. Then press the whistle slighty against your palate right behind your teeth, where it should stick due to the soaking before. Keep your mouth slightly open and blow softly with a "Sh, sh, sh" (basic sound). Your relaxed tongue will hover a bit while you blow.

When you have understood the basic sound technique, you can play around and experiment with various positions of your lips and tongue, your breathing and articulating vowels and consonants in order to vary sounds and imitations.


The Vogl Pfeiferl can be dried and reused as often as one of its parts will break. The paper board used in our Vogl Pfeiferls is especially strong - compared to the often used thin "blotting paper".

Our Quality

We tested a lot of different models from many manufacturers and we decided to sell only one kind in the best quality we could find. Here you can buy the highest quality Vogl-Pfeiferl available on the market. There is no other model with the same playability, material quality and durability.

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